Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Greetings to anyone who stumbles across this blog! This is mostly intended as a record of my travels for myself for the future (when my memory starts to go and I can no longer remember where I've been! - Oh wait, that's already happening). I'm terrible at recalling place names, areas I've visited, so hopefully this will be a good way to keep all that information in one place along with some photos and links.

I didn't start travelling properly until around 2006 (apart from a few odd countries here and there beforehand), but I'm trying to make up for it now - every spare bit of holiday time I can get I book a flight!

I have a list of places I really want to visit, and try my best to plan my trips around them - so far I've made it to Australia (a couple of times), Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, France, Majorca and a great deal of the UK. But there are plenty more places I want to go! South America, more of Europe, Egypt again, South East Asia, Canada, Mexico are just a few on my long list...

I'd better get started, ey?

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