Thursday, 17 March 2011

Getting out of the city...

After stuffing ourselves full of the pleasures of the city - the sights, food, lots of walking, food, parks, food...well, you can see the pattern, we decided that we should spend at least one day outside of the centre, and experience a little taste of living around the New York area.

Luckily, a very good friend lives in Long Island, providing us with the perfect opportunity. Heading out to the suburbs was interesting and enjoyable, even after getting off at the wrong train station in the morning, surrounded by snow and huddling for warmth waiting for our lift, rather embarrassed...

We had a wonderful, relaxed day, shopping, more eating (even bigger portions if that was even possible!) and a glimpse of the welcoming, surprisingly large homes that surround the city. I would definitely recommend using the trains to travel around - efficient and on time, we found the whole process easy.

After a few days of frantic sight-seeing, it was so lovely to slow down, catch up with good friends and discover some local gems. Every trip should have a day like that.

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