Wednesday, 23 March 2011

More chocolate. Oh yes, and some nice buildings too...

After a leisurely breakfast, Sunday was spent in a similar fashion to Saturday – that is, filled with food, even more chocolate, cafes and some sights. We hopped on the metro to the centre of the city, home to the main square, supposedly one of the most beautiful in Europe.

The architecture was stunning – gorgeous colonial style buildings surrounded the square glowing with the spring sun. We found Manneken Pis, the small statue of a young boy ahem ‘relieving’ himself into a fountain below (and, like so many sights, he was much smaller in real life than I had imagined – perhaps 12 inches tops), the lovely Tin-Tin shop to relive our childhoods, and more chocolate was purchased – after all, it must be different in Brussels and Bruges, right?!

Being a Sunday, the European Parliament was closed, so we didn’t bother going there – without a tour it is just a big glass building, although I have heard that the tour is worth attending if you are there during the week. We wandered up Avenue Louise, with its designer shops, and had lunch in a lovely outdoor café with waffles from a street stall to finish. I would definitely recommend trying at least one waffle on a trip – with a whole list of different toppings there’s something for everyone. The metro is a quick and cheap way of getting around the city and making the most of a small amount of time.

After too few pleasant hours it was time to leave, feeling relaxed and ready to tackle another working week!

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