Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Driving through Iceland: A photo-blog

Although we had some incredible, unique experiences whilst in Iceland, one of the elements that made our trip so memorable was driving through this beautiful country. Never dull, each turn in the road or crest over a hill revealed waterfalls dropping gracefully from huge heights, lava fields covered with almost luminous green moss, and dramatic coastlines. It was familiar, yet at the same time alien. And I loved every second of it. Here's some photos I took on the road...

An iced-over extinct volcanic crater spotted whilst returning to Reykjavik from Gulfoss

Mountains streaked with snow framing gushing rivers on the Snaefellnes Peninsula

Crashing waves hit a 'black' sand beach on the Peninsula

Rusted ship parts remind of the treachery of the sea

Icelandic horses graze at the edge of most roads

Roads sweep through huge mountain and volcano ranges

So many waterfalls - each more beautiful than the last

Lava fields eventually support life in the form of moss stretching for miles, creating a distinctly alien landscape

I would highly recommend hiring a car to explore Iceland - the freedom of leaving the main roads and stumbling upon something unexpected is fantastic, and made every second of our time there magical.

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