Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday photo - 19th March

Over the past few months, a number of blogs that I read have started a 'Friday photo' feature, showcasing a picture that evokes a great memory or they are really proud of. I love this idea, but have decided to adapt it slightly. From now on, every Monday I'll be posting a photo or series of photos that tell a story. Why Monday? My reasoning is that everyone needs a little cheering up at the beginning of a new week at work, and browsing back over photos from travels past always puts a smile on my face.

So let's kick off with this week's 'Monday photo'...

I've been fortunate to have many incredible experiences whilst travelling over the past few years. However, one of my favourite days was tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda. The day was hot and sticky, the hiking at high altitude tough on the lungs as we scrambled through bamboo forests, ever higher, waiting for our ranger's signal. Having studied primates for so long, those first glimpses of them in the wild left me speechless and tearful. Their sheer size and strength, combined with characteristics and behaviours I found so familiar, made the time watching them whizz by. Even now, when I glance back over my album of photos from the trip, I can't believe how lucky I was to experience such an incredible sight.


  1. Wow, how amazing! This is one of my dream trips!

  2. Thanks! It truly is wonderful - the hour flew by so quickly, so I hope to return again one day!