Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday photo - 26th March

For this week's 'Monday photo' we are going back in time, way back to when I first purchased a digital camera, in preparation for a holiday to Turkey. After years of frustration with my old Kodak film camera, carefully rationing my shots, cursing myself when I accidentally depressed that button early or heard the faint tell-tale 'click' inside my bag, I saved up to buy myself a small brick of a digital (ironically enough, I now sometimes miss that sound and the frantic winding on of the film).

Still unused to the wonders of a memory card, I slipped back into old habits of considering the necessity of every photo before taking it, and so ended up with less than a couple of hundred pictures from the whole trip. This one at Pamukkale, home of the famous hot spring terraces, conjours memories of an extrodinarily hot July day, the sun beating down as I attempted not to slip whilst carefully working my way across and over the dazzling white terraces, taking just a few treasured photos.

Naturally, by the time I returned to this beautiful country two year later (and stopped off once again at Pamukkale), I'd fully embraced everything digital photography had to offer, and increased my collection of Turkey snaps by a good few hundred - a number I now sometimes take in one single day!

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