Monday, 9 April 2012

Monday photo - 9th April

“Come with me, I take you up. Come, come”. The high-spirited Egyptian Muslim who’d checked over our clothing before letting us enter the Mosque in the centre of Islamic Cairo beckoned us with a furious wave. There were no other visitors in sight, and we had been concerned about disturbing a time of prayer or the studies of the young boys wandering around the attached library, brows furrowed in thought.

“You come with me, I have keys, we see a nice view”, he promised, still smiling. He seemed happy with our visit (and the suitability of my outfit), so we allowed him to lead us first into the main hall, then through a labyrinth of smaller rooms before unlocking a small wooden door and up a steep flight of stairs, spiralling upwards in the darkness. Emerging squinting into the bright sunlight, we found ourselves on the roof of the Mosque, Cairo stretched out in front of us, the dusty city looking even more densely packed from above, and strangely beautiful.

“I told you, great view, yes?”, our guide laughed. Yes, we conceded. It truly is a really great view.

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