Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The cutest lemur competition: A photo-blog

During our time in Madagascar, we were fortunate enough to see a range of unique and extraordinary wildlife. Often dubbed 'the eighth continent' on account of its early separation from the mainland and the subsequent independent evolution of many species, the animals never fail to impress. Huge, fat tomato frogs plopped in and out of bushes, multi-coloured chameleons marked our progress with their ever-swivelling eyes, and bright butterflies littered the air, wings beating furiously.

However, the number one draw to Madagascar are the many species of lemur. From the loud cries of the Indri, to the soft mewing of the Ring-tailed, the tiny face of the Mouse to the bright gold of the Sifaka, I couldn't get enough.

So, in homage to these lovely creatures and indulging my primate-obsessive tendencies, here's a photo-blog of the lemurs we spotted, competitors for the 'cutest lemur' title. Which would get your vote?

The Diademed Sifaka, with their golden fur?

Perhaps the loud Indri, largest of the lemur species with their distinctive black and white colouring?
Or the tiny Mouse lemur, barely inches big and looking remarkably like their namesake...
The playful White lemurs kept us company during the three day boat trip, leaping huge distances from branch to branch
Possibly the sociable and ever-popular Ring-tailed, long tails draping over branches and cat-like meowing filling the air?
The cheeky Brown lemurs popped up everywhere we went...
Whereas the Golden Bamboo was much more elusive...
Or how about the sweet, small Red-fronted lemurs, who played with our camera and reached out their hands?

So, which Lemur should win the title? I just can't decide...

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