Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday photo - 21st May

Everyone said that Budapest was one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. That when the sun hit the river, the surrounding area sparkled, and the gorgeous old architecture shone.

On our first day in the city, trudging through the slushy streets in late December, we were yet to feel it. Instead of a cold, crisp winter's morning, it was a dull, cloud-covered sky that greeted us as we stepped out of our hostel. Cold, yes - very, very cold, but not a shimmer or a sparkle in sight. We crossed the river, icy air pelting our exposed faces, and mounted the hill, partially for the viewpoint, and partially to circulate some blood through our numb toes.

And there it was. Even encased in cloud, the view was lovely. The river flowed lazily below us, parliament loomed in the distance, all majestic spires, and the bridge stretched out in front, layered with snow. The hills surrounding looked dusted with icing sugar, and we temporarily forgot about our frozen feet.

Even the poor weather couldn't hide the beauty of this marvellous city.  

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