Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday photo - 10th September

After a bit of a hiatus (due to some unfortunate issues with my domain which are now, thankfully, resolved), it's time to revive the Monday photo series.

After a week in Santiago a couple of years ago, we were beginning to think that we'd overestimated how much time we'd need in the city. With another couple of days to go before heading north, jumping on a bus for some exploration seemed a good plan, and after a visit to a vineyard just outside the Chilean capital, we were feeling confident. Going on just a few snippets of information about a gorgeous valley just a couple of hours away, we settled in for the ride.

Unable to communicate our desires to the bus driver, we guessed where to alight, and found ourselves in a practically deserted town in the absolute middle of no-where. Freezing cold and crunching through the snow, we passed snow-dusted horses and farmhouses before emerging at the edge of a cliff, the milky-blue river rushing below us and mountains rising all around. It was incredibly beautiful, and for a few moments we even forgot the lack of feeling in our feet.

The real highlight of the day though? Finding a tiny cafe near the bus stop who saw our cold faces and placed mugs of hot of steaming, thick hot chocolate in front of us. Just what we needed before the long wait for a return bus.  

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