Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Blue Hole: A photo-blog

After pouring over photos of the Blue Hole before leaving this summer, I had utterly convinced myself that I needed to see it from above. The stark contrast with the surrounding water, like an eye in the ocean, was captivating. So in the tradition of ridiculous extravagance (20 dollars for a hostel room? Seems a bit pricey... Rather more than that to charter our own plane? Sure!) we went to the airport and booked a tiny three seater plane.

The flight was incredible and well worth every penny. With two hours of flight time, we not only explored the hole but also the reef and some of the smaller islands, our pilot enthusiastically pointing out interesting features and snapping shots with his own phone. As it was only us on the plane, we could choose how long to spend in each area, and the time flew by. Here are a few photos from the trip...

We began by flying over the reef, looking down on where we'd snorkeled earlier in the week

The Blue Hole appears through the hot haze on our approach

The blue of the hole was even more vivid than I'd imagined

We flew round and round to see it from every angle

Saying goodbye, still in awe
Visiting some of the smaller islands on the way back

Water channels through the Caye