Saturday, 6 October 2012

A glimpse into the world of the Aztecs at Teotihuacan

Our final sight-seeing destination of the summer was Teotihuacan, the famous Aztec site situated not far outside of Mexico City. After a smooth and straightforward metro and bus combination, we arrived at the site on a beautiful clear day, ready to climb some pyramids. Although boasting similarities to nearby (relatively...) Mayan temples, there are many differences, and I'm glad we had the opportunity to visit a couple of Aztec areas too.

After exploring the ground level, mostly set along a straight road stretching far from the entrance to the Pyramid of the Moon at the far end, we scaled the pyramid of the Sun (the largest at the site) for far-stretching views across the countryside. Although the site was relatively crowded, the different levels of the towering structure resulted in everyone spreading out to find their own little pocket of space, and we sat for ages, making the most of a new perspective on the area.

After wandering up and down worn stone steps, staggered by the symmetry and uniformity of the whole site, we cooled off in the museum, another fantastic set of exhibits that offered a glimpse into the many artifacts without being too overwhelming.

Visiting Teotihuacan was a wonderful experience, and a superb way to round off our Central American extravaganza. A couple more days in Mexico City, and we were ready to head home, although it is definitely a region that I would love to return to again one way.


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