Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 travel round-up

It's hard to believe that 2012 has ended, passing in a flash. As ever, it's been a year of many changes, although one aspect that has remained stable is our wanderlust and the adventures it has brought us.

We ushered in the new year in Buenos Aires, still buoyed after a one-in-a-lifetime cruise to Antarctica. The city celebrated on the streets, children dancing and everyone smiling as fireworks were let off.

In February we took what was possibly one of my favourite trips ever to Iceland. The incredible beauty of the island blew me away as we bridged the gap between continental plates whilst scuba diving at Silfra and explored ice caves in the south. The real highlight, however, was the dazzling display put on by the Northern Lights that had me smiling for days afterwards.

April came round, and we swapped the cold for the humid heat of Madagascar and its unique landscape and wildlife. We spent three weeks seeking out numerous types of lemur, climbing the Tsingy rock formations and exploring a whole host of national parks. The trip was challenging in a number of ways, but certainly unforgettable.

Our big summer trip took in the highlights of Central America, beginning with Costa Rica where we rafted, hiked and zip-lined, and had a wonderful encounter with a baby sloth. From there it was on to Guatemala, packed with volcano hikes, colonial cities and the wonderful site of Tikal. Belize saw us snorkelling with sharks, rays and turtles, alongside chartering our own plane over the famous Blue Hole. Finally, we headed up into Mexico for an archaeological extraveganza, exploring both Mayan and Aztec ruins and making our way from the Yucatan Peninsula to Mexico City.

After a heavy period at work, we jetted off to Greece in October for ten days of archaeology, seeking out the highlights of ancient Greek society and indulging in delicious food. I fulfilled childhood dreams of standing among some of my favourite ancient ruins, and we finished the trip with a few days on the beautiful island of Crete - remaining recaps to come soon.

To conclude another incredible year of travel, we spent five very cold days in Estonia and Finland, embracing the thick snow and icy winds as a welcome change from the heat of previous trips. The temperatures dropped to -15 degrees celsius, but with copious amounts of hot wine and filling meat soups in our stomachs, we explored the winding streets of medieval Tallinn and the more urban city of Helsinki.

Ten new countries, and countless unforgettable experiences. I'm very excited to see what 2013 brings, and with two trips already booked, it's hopefully going to be another great year of travel.


  1. Hi - I just came via weddingbee. I'm not sure if I can handle hanging around your blog... I will just day dream my whole day away!!
    In 2012 you made it to several of my want-to-sees! Here's hoping to some more great adventures for 2013. I'm going to Hawaii for the first time and hopefully will be hitting up Spain and Ireland, too.

  2. Ahh thanks so much for your comment Anne! Hawaii sounds incredible - I'd love to go there!