Thursday, 31 January 2013

A homage to the sun

This was the view along my road last week. Snow hit the UK in the first (and most likely last) big way this year, and as usual, the country underwent a mini meltdown over a few inches of the soft stuff.

I love the cold - the fresh brush of an icy wind against my face; the cool blue of an early twilight; tiny icicles hanging from ripe red berries on bushes lining the roads. But even I can only take so much of constantly grey skies filled with thick clouds before I crave a little sun.

To take my mind off of the encroaching gloom, I pour over photos taken in warmer climbs...

Milky water along the Kenyan coast
Crystal clear coves in Turkey
Crashing waves at Bondi Beach
A walk along the beach in Tunisia
The island of Palawan had the most stunning coastline
Walkway down to the Dead Sea in Jordan
A view over Belize from above
Electric blue skies over Greece
Standing at the shore in Peru
The Philippines boasts soft sand and warm waters 
If I close my eyes I can almost imagine myself back at any one of these beautiful places. Having said that, you can place a pretty safe bet that come July, I'll be posting a wistful homage to snow...

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