Thursday, 24 January 2013

Stepping back in time in Tallinn: A photo-blog

Walk through the Old Town in Tallinn, and it really does feel like a step back in time. Cobbled streets and hidden stairways are surrounded by old buildings, most with original features. Gateways lead to merchant's courtyards, and the tall spires of churches stretch into the sky. It's a beautiful place to get lost in.

The church in the central square stand high above the surrounding buildings
Olde Hansa, the Medieval restaurant, draws customers with bright customers and music
Despite Estonia being a relatively non-religious country, churches such as this Russian Orthodox reveal its history
Pastel colours adorn buildings along the cobbled streets
Climb high through winding passages to find view-points over the city
The city walls still stand strong
The medieval gates mark the entrances into the Old Town
There are little features everywhere...

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