Saturday, 12 January 2013

The food of Greece

I don't really have the words to describe the food in Greece. Delicious? Too weak. Scrumptious? Still not there. Mouth-watering? Close, but still not good enough. I think I'll settle for quietly drooling in the corner.

Every single mouthful of every meal was satisfying, comforting and incredibly tasty. From cool dips paired with soft, warm bread, to fresh fish and meat cooked to perfection. In many small restaurants we visited, the owner took our order then dashed off to the local market to buy the ingredients for us. Admittedly, this may have more to do with being there at the end of the tourist season (when the restaurants are far quieter) than any regular practice, but nevertheless we ate like kings. Unfortunately, I was often too busy stuffing myself silly to remember to take out my camera, but here are a few options that graced our plates on more than one occasion...

Whatever else we ordered, we always ensured that a big bowl of Greek salad accompanied it.
Along with the salad, the classic dip Tzatziki was scooped up daily with wads of fresh bread
These courgette fritters were incredible - particularly when combined with Tzatziki to dip
It would be a crime to stay near the coast and not sample the catch of the day...
Greek kebabs - a soft pitta, tender meat, fried potatoes and lashings of... you've guessed it, Tzatziki!

And to wash it all down, local Retsina, uniquely Greek wine

Gosh, what I would give for a plateful of all of that right now...

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