Thursday, 10 January 2013

Views of Athens: A photo-blog

Athens is an exciting city, balancing its ancient origins with a modern, cosmopolitan nature. Architecturally beautiful museums of glass sit beside tall columns of stone, antique markets line the streets not far from designer shops, and the imposing Acropolis, having weathered centuries of destruction and change, watches over the whole city. Here are some of the highlights of our days in the capital:

Hidden treasures line the path winding up the Acropolis hill
An incredible view over the city from the top
Possible the most recognisable part of the Acropolis - the porch of the Caryatids 
Incredible detailing on the tops of columns
Temples, temples everywhere!
Beautiful gardens provide shade from the sun
Modern political buildings pay homage to their ancient forbears
The mask of Agamemnon sits pride of place in the museum
The Zeus temple stands tall in the centre of the city


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