Thursday, 14 March 2013

Winter in Lapland: A photo-blog

Finnish Lapland is an incredibly beautiful place to visit during winter. Frozen lakes stretch across the landscape, fringed by trees, the ice a metre thick in parts. Reindeer stroll wherever they please (which unfortunately can lead to disaster when their wandering brings them in front of a car), and huskies carry visitors across the frozen plains. If you're particularly lucky, you might glimpse the elusive Aurora Borealis on a clear night. Here's some photos from our week in the far north...

The sun sets, draped in thick cloud
Eerie green light streaks across the sky as the Aurora explodes into life
I particularly enjoyed our huskie ride as the dogs swept us past pine forest
The interactive and engaging Sami museum in Inari is well worth a visit
Lakes covered with thick ice and a dusting of snow
Small wooden houses and saunas dot the landscape
Gentle reindeer munch tasty lichen
As the sun rose on our final day, we were reluctant to leave

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