Monday, 1 April 2013

Monday photo - 1st April

Ochre contrasting with vivid blue and the occasional smudges of green - an attempt to capture the beauty of Uluru during a trip to Australia many years ago. What the photo doesn't show, however, was my absolute surprise at turning the corner to see several young guys dressed as the Easter bunny (it was Easter Sunday), the wafting scents of meat grilling on the BBQ as we watched the sun set, the fun but slightly odd couple who were wearing identical outfits (right down to the pattern on their shoes and the water bottles dangling from their matching rucksacks) or my disappointment at realising that we'd been lumbered with a Mr-sexism-himself tour guide. It also fails to convey the intense sun warming the rock around us, the pinky stains that I never quite got out of my trainers, and the fact that just a few minutes after snapping this shot, my (pre-SLR) camera inexplicably decided to stop working for hours.

This photo to anyone else is merely a snapshot in time. But to me, it floods my memory with images and emotions I sometimes forget I have. And that's why I love photography so much. 

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