Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Secret gardens, marching bands and steep streets: Dubrovnik's many charms

After a day walking the walls and viewing the town from above, we spent our remaining days in Dubrovnik at ground level. Easter bank holiday was upon us, and with an improvement in the weather, the streets were buzzing with outdoor restaurants, church bells ringing and even a display by the city's marching band.

We often found ourselves drifting towards the harbour, watching the waves lap against the moored boats and enjoying the gentle sea breeze as cats peered out of cracks in the stone and approached visitors, hoping for a snack.

Dubrovnik boasts a number of small museums and old building open for public viewing, including the beautiful and secluded gardens tucked inside a monastery - a peaceful respite from the lively heart of the old town. With only the odd bird and the aromatic smell of a variety of plants for company, it was the ideal location to close my eyes and soak up a little sun.

In the evenings, we climbed steps to softly-lit churches, sought out new viewpoints and stuffed ourselves full with a variety of food. The trip was relaxing and slow-paced, five days the perfect amount of time to explore this beautiful city before heading back home to the rain and snow. 


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