Thursday, 3 October 2013

Dubrovnik: Do's and Don'ts!

So... it's been a few months since I've published a blog post (in fact, I couldn't believe how long when I checked the date of my last post!). A combination of factors have kept me away from blogging recently, but I'm finally getting back on track and ready to catch up. I've been on a few trips over the past months which I intend to share over the coming weeks, so let's get started!

Continuing on where I left off, it's time for the ever-present tips and advice for visiting the gorgeous city of Dubrovnik. Easily done in a couple of packed days, but better explored over a leisurely week or so, it's high on my list of places to return to one day.


- Spend a day walking the walls. Boasting the best views over the city and the surrounding sea, these imposing barriers separating the old town from the rest of Dubrovnik are the perfect way to lose a few hours. Dedicate enough time to complete the full circuit, and be prepared - the climb can be a little tough for the unfit.

- Indulge in some of the delicious gelato to be found dotted around the city - a perfect way to cool off after a hot day of exploring!

- Look out for special events taking place during your visit. Whilst we were there, we attended a beautiful concert in a tiny church, and a couple of limited-time museum exhibitions. The tourist information office has plenty of ideas and programs of events, although there are also placards and posters on boards around the old town.

- Choose your dates wisely. We visited in spring, which whilst unpredictable in terms of weather, was quieter and more peaceful. The summer months will guarantee you the (hot!) sun, but also the heaving crowds, and although winter is quietest of all, be prepared for a number of tourist facilities to have closed for the low season.


- Limit yourself to pizza and pasta for dinners. It's easy to be tempted by the cheaper, numerous Italian restaurants along and beside the main streets. However, there are many alternate choices hidden down side alleys which are worth seeking out, and the seafood along the harbour, although pricier, is worth a splurge.

- Underestimate how challenging exploring the Old Town can be. With steep stone staircases surrounding the central streets, there is no way of fully seeing everything the city has to offer without a bit of climbing.

- Think that Dubrovnik doesn't have much to offer. As well as its incredible beauty, the city is historically rich and also at the centre of a rapidly developing country in terms of tourism. Go now before everyone else does!


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