Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The beauty of Lisbon: A photo-blog

Lisbon has many interesting and grand sights to offer, but the real beauty of the city lies in the small details. During our five days in the Portuguese capital, we were continuously wowed by the many mosaics that could be found hidden away in small plazas or on the sides of buildings, dramatic fountains gushing with water (and soaking me on more than one occasion during an ill-timed photo) and colourful architecture. Here are a few  of the highlights...

Quirky restaurants there for the finding - often situated in beautiful buildings or surroundings

A peacock puts on a display for the tourists at the Castelo de Sao Jorge

Poppies paint a splash of red on a hillside

Numerous churches dot the landscape - towers reaching up into the sky

Streets boast unique pavements, each a different pattern

Fountains make for a refreshing break from the sun - until the wind changes and you receive a soaking instead!

Old painted mosaics dotted around the city

Trams make light work of the steep uphill climbs

Colourful paper garlands accompany bright music in the suburbs

The dramatically beautiful Convento do Carmo

Sitting in a park - there's no shortage of gorgeous city views around

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