Saturday, 25 January 2014

The natural beauty of Norway: A photo-blog

Norway's natural wonders are certainly value for money - you can't drive around a corner or dip down into a valley without being confronted with stunning scenes. Water dominates the landscape, whether in the form of fjords whose deep colours seem almost unreal, lakes surrounded by vivid green hills, or caps of snow sitting atop high mountain ranges. I took hundreds of photos as we made our way through the country - here's just a tiny selection.

Waiting for a ferry at Oslo's harbour

One of many stops whilst driving to admire the view 

Crossing small fjords in Norway's south-west

The breathtaking view from Pulpit Rock

Huge, crashing waterfalls feed the many rivers flowing through the country

Emerald waters cut through the high, tree-covered cliffs

Our first view of Geirangerfjord peeking through the tall trees

Lakes sit nestled between high mountains and hills

Looking down over Tromso from above

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