Saturday, 8 March 2014

Big cats in Tanzania: A photo-blog

More than anything, I'd hoped for lions.

I was looking forward to seeing all the wildlife possible in Tanzania, but after always distant, fleeting glimpses of these big cats during our travels through Kenya and Uganda, I was most excited about the potential prospect of watching them up close, hopefully observing their behaviour and perhaps spotting a cub if we were really lucky. I'd hardly even dared remind myself that there were also cheetahs and leopards in the area - no point in setting myself up for disappointment.

Tanzania mostly definitely did not disappoint. We saw lions, so many lions - resting in the shadow of our car, crossing the path in front of us, mating, eating, cubs playing - everything I could have asked for. But there were also curious cheetahs and leopards lazing in the branches of tall trees, graceful and strong. I couldn't possibly have wished for more.

This cheetah seemed entirely unconcerned when we stumbled upon her on the path

Another cheetah gazes after her potential prey

This lion alternated between sleeping and using the high viewpoint to keep an eye on the plains

Some lions were less bothered about their surroundings, however...

And others were quite happy to wile away the day...

A leopard peers down at us from its lofty heights...

Before sliding into a more comfortable position

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