Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The wildlife of Tanzania: A photo-blog

The big cats were certainly magnificent, but every single animal or bird we saw, from the largest to the tiniest beetle had their own charm. Here's just a small selection of what you might expect to see during a Tanzanian safari...

Lizards lounged on rocks, soaking up the hot sun

Hippos, on the other hand, were far more interested in staying cool

A hyena rests at the side of the path during the long afternoon hours

Vultures were always on the alert, keenly watching from the tops of trees

Then joining a group to protect their scavenged meal

There were so many gazelle and deer that we soon lost count

A baby giraffe hurries after its mother

Beautifully coloured birds stood out against the neutral colours of the plain

Warthogs were a common feature of our days

Zebras sensibly moved around in groups and were always on the alert

The ostriches were particularly gorgeous, if bizarre

Cheeky monkeys popped up everywhere

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