My Bucket List

Towards the middle of 2006, I listed up the travel experiences that I most yearned to have. The ones that captured my imagination and fuelled my wanderlust. Since then, I've added items, from those I felt were definitely achievable, to the ones I class as 'lottery win' activities.

Whilst I don't often travel specifically to cross items off, I've managed a number over the past few years. But there are still plenty left to go, and the list keeps growing! Here it is, with links where appropriate:


Take a boat trip on a Scottish Loch
Watch a volcano erupt
Watch the sun rise from the top of a mountain
Visit the waterfalls in Croatia
Stand on a completely deserted beach
Take a felucca ride on the Nile (read about it here)
Take a boat trip in the Amazon (read about it here)
Go on an Arctic cruise (read about it here)
See the Northern Lights (read about it here)
See the Norwegian fjords (read about it here)
Go on an Antarctic cruise (read about it here)
Look out over Table Mountain, South Africa
Swim in the 'Devil's pool', Victoria Falls
Take a Galapagos Cruise
Hike up a volcano (read about it here)


Swim with dolphins
See Kangaroos in the wild (read about it here)
See a polar bear in the wild (read about it here)
Go on safari in Africa (read about it here)
See all the great apes in the wild
See Lemurs in the wild (read about it here)
See an Orca
See a leopard in Africa (read about it here)
See pandas in China (read about it here)
Go on a multi-day animal tracking
See a wild badger
See the snow monkeys in Japan


See the pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt (read about it here)
Trek the Inca Trail (read about it here)
Visit the ancient sites of Greece (read about it here)
Visit Stonehenge (read about it here)
Stand in a temple in Cambodia (read about it here)
Pretend to be Indiana Jones in Petra (read about it here)
Visit ancient Aztec sites in Central America (read about it here)
Visit Neuschwanstein castle
Explore the desert castles in Jordan (read about it here)
Volunteer on an archaeological dig abroad
Visit Easter Island (read about it here)
Walk the length of Hadrian's Wall
Visit Skara Brae, Orkney Islands, Scotland
See a Viking ship burial

In the water

Scuba dive a coral reef (read about it here)
Snorkel a coral reef
Dive or snorkel with rays (read about it here)
Swim with whale sharks (read about it here)
Relax in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Experience the great blue hole in Belize (read about it here)
Go kayaking through a fjord in Norway (read about it here)
Canoe on Lake Bled

Extreme activities

Take a hot air balloon ride (read about it here)
Bungee jump
Go white water rafting on a level 4 or above course
Zip line through a forest canopy (read about it here)
Go into space
Cage dive with sharks
See a tornado
Go zorbing
Go inside Thrihnukagigur volcano in Iceland (read about it here)


Visit all 7 continents
Visit 15 European countries
Go on a Lord of the Rings tour in NZ
Go somewhere completely on a whim and without any planning
Go on a multi-day jungle trek (read about it here)
Go on a multi-day desert trek
Embark on a great train journey


See a show on Broadway, NYC (read about it here)
Travel to the winning Eurovision Song Contest country to see the show (read about it here)
Climb Sydney harbour bridge
Eat steak in Buenos Aires (read about it here)
Explore temples in Bhutan
Go on a themed guided walk through a city
Visit a spice market in Morocco (read about it here)
Lose some money in a casino, Las Vegas
Travel first class on a plane
Take a gondola ride in Venice

What experiences are on your bucket list?


  1. I have been reading your blog for sometime now, and I really appreciate the honesty of your words with describing all of your experiences. You and I have many similar boxes to tick before we die. Such as swimming with whale sharks, Arctic Cruise, see the pyramids etc. I am only very young, and about to finish high school and your blog has given me great ideas for adventures I could only dream to pursue.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! Dream big and you can make those adventures happen - when I finished high school I'd only ever been abroad once and thought I'd never be able to travel as much as I have! Everything is possible :)

  3. Awesome blog! :) It is very interesting.

  4. I know this is an old post but I sometimes do tend to come back to it to remind myself just how possible travel is, me being in school the big fear for students is prices of house and living costs rising which I fear can limit my possibilities but this post inspires me to dream big and I know that no matter what economic state I find myself in the future I will find a way to travel, just like someone with an illness will find a way to pay for a cure or treatment, wanderlust is my illness and travel is my cure. :)

    1. If wanderlust is an illness then I definitely suffer from it too!! When I was in school I never dreamed that I might be able to travel extensively, but I gradually came to realise that anything really is possible - it was all about choosing my priorities and working to make them happen. Even if that meant letting go of some of the pressures society places on people to feel that they 'must' have a house or certain possessions. Once I realised that I didn't need to follow that route (at least not immediately) I could pursue travel wholeheartedly!