Where I've Been

    I've travelled to over 50 countries on 7 continents, yet still feel I've barely scratched the surface of what the world has to offer. Every trip I take opens my eyes in new ways, challenges and inspires me. Here are a few thoughts I've picked up on the way:

    - Tastiest food: Thailand / Greece
    - Most impressive temples: Bagan, Myanmar
    - Craziest signs/translations: China
    - Scariest experience: Death Road bike ride, Bolivia
    - Best place to buy chocolate: Belgium
    - Least number of tourists: Sumatra
    - Most children trying to sell me sunglasses: Angkor Wat, Cambodia
    - Place that stole my heart: Easter Island/Rapa Nui
    - Most expensive trip: Antarctica
    - Place I've sweated the most: Bangkok, Thailand
    - Tackiest thing I loved: Sound and Light show, Karnak, Egypt
    - Best wildlife: Tanzania
    - Top underwater experience: Whale sharks, Donsol, Philippines / Shark ray alley, Belize
    - Favourite museum: British Museum, London
    - Most mosquito bites: Madagascar
    - Nicest sunsets: Jordan
    - Single moment(s) of absolute joy: First contact with mountains gorillas, Rwanda / Seeing the Northern Lights, Iceland
    - Worst overnight bus journey: Salt Flats, Bolivia
    - Nicest surprise: New York, USA
    - Cheapest trip: Malaysia/Sumatra
    - Place my feet were the most cold: Budapest, Hungary
    - Worst toilets: Inca Trail, Peru
    - Best cheese: France
    - Worst airlines: Iberia and Air Madagascar
    - Most brag-worthy experience: Forming a human bridge between continental plates whilst scuba diving at Silfra, Iceland
    - Favourite country: Possibly Egypt. Or Jordan. Or...

    Check out 'Where shall we go next?' on the sidebar for the countries we are most longing to see at the moment and hoping to add to our map.