About me

Hi, and welcome to my little corner of the internet. Inspired by a childhood filled with adventure stories, a tiny obsession with Indiana Jones and a love of all things natural and archaeological, I spend as much time each year as I can travelling and exploring the world. After initially falling into blogging to keep in touch when away and create a permanent record of thoughts and adventures, it had gradually developed and expanded, and my hope now is to show just how accessible travel is for everyone, even when time or money is short, and to share some of the experiences, tips and thoughts I've had along the way.

So who am I?

I'm Victoria, and I currently live in the UK. I work full time, six days a week, and travel during my generous holiday leave - in my case, the phrase 'work hard, play hard' is best adapted to 'work hard, travel hard'. I can nearly always be found dreaming about or planning my next trip, a slight glazed look in my eyes...

I like photography, reading, ancient history, apes and monkeys, flip-flops, cheap deals, Lonely Planet and post-it notes. There's also nothing more exhilarating than doing something that scares me (and there's quite a lot I find scary). I'll try almost anything once, and feel lost if I don't have a to-do list on my person pretty much all the time.

I dislike steps/stairs, crabs, lumpy yogurt, being covered in sand (although I love deserts) long plane journeys and bicycles.

Travel comes in a range of guises, from solo trips, to jaunts with friends, and most often alongside F, who patiently allows himself to be dragged halfway across the world in search of a single animal, or to wait whilst I take yet another photo of exactly the same subject as the last fifty shots in order to get one (almost) good picture.

Please join me for the ride!

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